Pet Portrait & Wildlife Art by Seleena Shourie

Custom Pet Portraits

Offer the gift of a custom pet portrait to yourself or your loved ones, and be sure to remember your pet forever—a perfect gift to celebrate a lifetime spent with your pet filled with love and happiness.

How It Works

Meet Seleena

Seleena brings to life your beloved pets through her beautiful drawings. She has a way of capturing emotions through her art, making her drawings unique.

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  • Pencil Drawing

    Portraits are hand drawn using the finest quality artist materials.

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  • Custom Portraits

    You can hire Seleena to create a custom pet portrait for you. *Limited availability for 2023

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  • Wildlife

    Seleena loves testing new lighting, textures, and species from eagles to black bears.

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Surreal Custom Pet Portraits

Seleena's art skills go beyond your traditional pet portrait, as she can bring your pet to life with her art.

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Affordable Art

Seleena understands how important and precious your pets are for you and your family. This is why she keeps her custom portrait affordable for her clients. With limited space throughout the year, she knows how much it means to receive a beautiful portrait of a pet, a faithful family member.

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